System Solutions and Benefits

Meet finite schedules     
Because of the fast and simple installed characteristics of PASS Coupling, the build, commission, test and turnover of RO facility can be finished in finite schedules and ensure the progress of the project on schedule.     

Safe & Reliable     
The Gaskets utilize the most advanced nonlinear finite element analysus the research and development team predicts the performance of materials in different configurations to understand the performance in field conditions. The scientific and rational design ensures the pipeline durability and reliability. The quality rubber seal rings and unique C-shaped structure adopted in the PASS coupling will render a unique C-shaped structure with better sealing capacity due to higher pressure inside pipelines.     

System Maintenance & Maintainability     
By using PASS piping systems, schedule maintanence or changing out inefficient equipment is as easy as loosening two bolts and two nuts. There is no need and no time required to cut out sections of pipe and re-weld.     

Quality Certification     
PASS Couplings have passed ISO9001 Certification.